Harry Potter The Alternate End

He stared at the limp body in front of him with a vacant face. A malicious grin began to spread across the face and soon the glee was no more incorporeal. What stood there was not humane in the least. The eyes that once showcased no expressions were now brimming with contempt and gaiety. The orange embers illuminated the site dauntingly. The one, proclaimed as the ‘Chosen One’, now lay at the feet of the tyrant who sought destruction. Voldemort prodded the body with his feet to make sure that his death was not an illusion. He whispered, “Meet the same fate as your detestable parents, Potter. Anyone who dares to stand in the face of my might will meet the same fate as them.”

Following this Voldemort turned towards the death eaters behind him and commented on the futility of the actions against him. This spiel was met by cheers and rejoicing was observed in the ranks of the death eaters. Once the chatter died down, Voldemort focused his gaze on the giant figure bound to the tree. Tears trickled down his cheeks and into his already wet beard. Hagrid could not accept what lay in front of him. Voldemort beckoned the death eaters to release him. Hagrid was too shocked to retaliate. He approached the dead body of Harry and gently lifted the body in his arms. After realizing that there was no hope left, his lamentations intensified and his tears landed on Harry’s face.

A cold voice from behind instructed, “Potter is dead. If you want to protect the lives of the remaining students at Hogwarts and your own then carry Potter’s body to the castle and be the harbinger of the tragedy that transpired.”

The guards stationed at Hogwart’s gate, rejoiced as the giant approached however the sight of the body in his arms left the guards speechless. Their despair was accentuated by the sight of the approaching death eaters led by the one whose name inspired trepidation.

Hearing all the commotion many of the inhabitants hurried towards the main gate. Hagrid was kneeling beside Harry’s body. Though he had stopped crying, his despair was evident. Everyone stood petrified due to what lay in front of them. Not even in their nightmares had they imagined that the ‘Chosen One’, whom many had given sacrifices for, would meet such an untimely end.

Ron and Hermione stared at the body of their lifeless friend. The memories of the times that they had spent together came flooding which overwhelmed them with grief. Hermione turned her face away to hide her tears. Ron kept on looking with an expression showcasing shock.

Voldemort entered the castle with Nagini coiled around his neck. He stepped on Harry’s face and said, “The one who you proclaimed as the ‘chosen one’ and whom you gave sacrifices for died while he was trying to flee from the forest. Your trust has been betrayed and your hope has been diminished. You have no choice but to obey.”

These words sent shivers down the spine of every person standing there. No one dared to speak and Voldemort flashed a malevolent grin. It was then that Neville Longbottom stepped forward and said, “Harry was our friend. He could never have betrayed us. He died protecting us. We have to avenge him!”

Voldemort was taken aback by what had happened and inquired the name of the boy who had spoken. Angered, Voldemort cast a binding curse on Neville and extended his arm, and the battered, old sorting hat appeared in his hands. He then placed it on Neville’s head and set it on fire. McGonagall who was previously sobbing now let out a shriek of despair after which Ron could be heard cursing Voldemort and the death eaters and pandemonium broke out. Curses were pronounced and sparks could be seen flying about.

Realizing the situation, Neville looked down only to see the sorting hat in tatters. His eye suddenly caught a glint. The sword of Gryffindor lay on the ground in front of him. Neville picked it up and looked at Voldemort who was engaged in combat.

The snake slithered on the ground in search of Neville at Voldemort’s directive. While Neville was trying to make up his mind to determine the next course of action, a chill went down his spine and he saw the reflection of the snake baring its fangs at him in the sword. This was followed by a scream of agony and a flash of glowing red which resulted in blood being splattered on Neville’s face. Neville had swung his sword as Nagini attempted to free her fangs from Neville’s shoulder. The snake’s decapitated head lay at Neville’s feet and Voldemort could be seen writhing in agony in the distance.

Neville’s vision blurred and he saw a series of flashbacks including his parents, their ruination, Voldemort. He recalled that he and Harry had the same birthday. This was enough for him to realize that if Harry was not the Horcrux then there could be only one alternative.

Neville’s death would warrant Voldemort’s demise. On the verge of death due to the snake’s poison, the faces of his parents and friends flashed in his mind. He pointed the sword towards his abdomen. This was followed by a scream of agony and the smell of blood. Before falling, Neville saw Voldemort scream in agony while the death eaters protected him. He had fulfilled his purpose.

Neville found himself at KingsCross station and he could see Harry waving at him in the distance.

Ron who was at the front of the army saw Voldemort writhing in pain. Seizing this opportunity, he and the other wizards led a coordinated attack that weakened the enemy defenses. Voldemort lay clutching his chest. Ron felt emotions surging through himself. Of these, the strongest was the urge to avenge his best friend. Before he knew it, there was a flash of green from Ron’s wand and Voldemort lay sprawled in a pitiful state.

The enemy had been defeated but the atmosphere was far from festive.

Written by Tabish

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